Joshua McMichen - Owner

Joshua McMichen (Shearious CEO), former United States Amphibious Reconnaissance Marine (2002-2007) and Blackwater Security Officer in Bagdhad, Iraq (2007-2008) began his hair journey in 2009. After graduating Paul Mitchell the School in 2009, Joshua quickly earned his chair at Dass Salon and Spa. During these years, Joshua trained and mentored with many great hair dressers and companies such as the Vidal Sassoon Academy of Santa Monica and Horst Rechelbacher of Aveda.

After meeting the love of this life, Stacy Harvey, lead colorist at Dass, they both made the decision to leave the company and start the Shearious Brand in 2011. Being in the special forces required and immense amount discipline and  determination that ultimately helped Joshua advanced quickly in the industry. The leadership skills obtained in the Military make Joshua a great leader for his team at Shearious Salon.

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